37 Most Top Wedding WordPress Themes 2016

Build a Website containing information and photographs to keep memories for the couple. Sometimes the information location wedding photography, restaurants, places honeymoon, medical, health wordpress theme … You can buy this theme to build a website with powerful effects, slider, … Includes schedule, and some free […]

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15 Top Best Insurance, Medical WordPress Theme 2016

You are looking to create a website for the insurance sector. With a collection of 15 Top Best Insurance and Medical WordPress Theme and we will refer to you. These themes always featured strongly in the design, responsive, and features suitable for a website about […]


WordPress 4.7 – What’s new features in WordPress 4.7

WordPress 4.7 Beta 1 is now available in October 28, 2016 ! But This version WordPress 4.7 is still in development. You shouldn’t update or run on a production your site.  You can create a test site to play with this version and experience features WordPress […]

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37 Awesome Real Estate WordPress Themes 2016

In the field of Real Estate, all information about prices, territories, projects and information about the future of that region. We will list some topic for Real Estate WordPress Theme. You create to your website the best. The WordPress Theme integrates a number of powerful features […]

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42 Outstanding Communication, Health and Medical WordPress Theme 2016

Community is home to the world’s people. Connecting people together, life, health and community sectors (health medical wordpress theme). The world community organizations linked together, to exchange information. A website with the layout, interface, clear, incorporating powerful features. Interacting well across devices. Things that will […]

24 Best Top One Page Health and Medical WordPress Theme 2016

Current, technology trends constantly evolving, which gives people the positive benefits. Besides, there are many real profit from them. The website gives customers the powerful experience, news updates, access product customers, looking for information.(medical wordpress theme) And the day it is also constantly evolving, constantly […]

26 Best Fashion and Arts WordPress Theme 2016

Life there are many things we need to experience life, fashion, art and many other things. Talk about on the subject of fashion, must be a very lucrative field, gives people a lot to offer. Fashion design, fashion styling, fashion stores … but to give customers […]


28 Most Popular Plugin WordPress Plugin 2016

WordPress is widely used and most powerful in the website. There are many very good plugin and application optimization for webstite page. There is some use for free but restricted some features. The Premium version has been used very well. CorpThemes will list for you some best […]